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Lost civilizations - the legendary land of MU

During the twenties and thirties, an Anglo-American, James Churchward, published several books in which they told the story of the lost continent of Mu, Mu is visible in its map that includes a large part of Polynesia, the islands of Hawaii ' Easter Island. Churchward stated that Mu had disappeared in the waves of the Pacific Ocean about 13,000 years ago, leaving as the only witness only the myriad islands of Polynesia.The mysterious continent would be extended in the Pacific as a remnant of ancient Lemuria and was the basis of Chinese civilization, Indian, Persian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greek.Evidence of the civilization of Mu were some inscriptions on blocks, or rocks, found in India, more precisely in Tibet, and on Easter Island, some scholars are convinced that even the giant statues that are in this island, they would be old legacy of the civilization of Mu.After the destruction of Mu survivors were divided into two branches of expansion, one of them came to India to follow through Mesopotamia, where it says that Moses himself was inspired by Naacal tablets for the preparation of the Tables of Law. About 17,000 years ago in Eurasia, this was the largest colony of Mu, known as Uighurs, whose racial strain is considered the ancestor of the Aryan race. The other branch expansion, however, had arrived in America. According to some, the same glorious civilization Maja was originally formed by members of white complexion directly from Mu. According to Churchward deduced from tablets and other ancient Indian texts, there was once an ancient civilization in a land that 50,000 years ago was inhabited by 64,000,000 people, in many ways superior to our own civilization. This legendary continent did not have mountains, but hills, enough to be called the country of the clay, its size covering an area of about 8,000 kilometers from north to south and 5,000 kilometers from east to west, a stretch of the Pacific Ocean and extending up to Easter Island. According to the same Churchward, the current form of government was a kind of theocracy that Ra was the leader, the Emperor priest also called Ra-Mu. Several thousand years ago the first upheaval submerged southern parts of Mu, but eventually resumed its original prosperity, and the memory of this catastrophe was almost forgotten by future generations when Mu was submitted last final disaster, in a Between 12,000 and 12,500 years ago, roughly during the time of the sinking of Atlantis. The documents speak of a huge upheaval like a great earthquake, which suggests a tectonic settlement, the land rose up and waved, temples and palaces were destroyed. Part of the population survived on the hills yet surfaced, but the terrible conditions brought all'abbrutimento and cannibalism. And so, after Mu, in a short time, even its colonies as Uighurs, who no longer receive support from Madreterra, suffered a slow decline that led to their disappearance. Mu was born from the ashes of modern civilization.

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