venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Atlantis in Russia

RussiaI was undecided whether to publish this post on Atlantis or The Unfavourable of Columbus, but then I decided to do it here because if I get the chance, I'd update the blog daily from Russia to talk about their lives during the campaign launch.
If everything had gone well at this time I was there to pack your bags (or bags ... because I'll be at that dot to the north for nearly two months in a row), trying to figure out if put more heads in summer or winter ... because let's face it, when it's hot Plesetsk feels! - And even when it's cold - But, due to a failed launch elsewhere are again waiting to find out where to spend - not alone, fortunately - in the coming months of my life. But not all evil is a silver lining: I'll probably also the possibility to return home for a bit 'more than the usual three days a month, waiting for us to be given another launch window.
But back to Russia ... I state that I will not have the opportunity to visit the beauties of the place because we are inside a military base and we can walk without an escort on a road only a little over a mile, but I'm pretty surewill be a beautiful esperieza from the human. Last December, in fact, I had the opportunity to work with some people I could incotrare back to the launch base ("Man proposes but God disposes", continued to say that every time it confirms their participation in the campaign launch) and I almost moved during the social event seeing how they were proud of their work and how passionately described their country looking for the similarities with mine.Eventually they even gave me a pen with a wooden matryoshka tip because they often ask them if they need anything ... and I had nothing to give in return ...

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